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Photo Copy searches Flickr with keywords or tags, returning images for use in any other iPad application such as Keynote, Pages, and Mail, as well as any application that supports pasting of images. Images can be quickly and easily saved as favourites and bookmarked for future use.

Photo Copy also displays the latest interesting images from Flickr. In addition to allowing the use of images in other iPad applications, photos from Flickr can be saved or downloaded to your camera roll for future use, such as viewing in the Photos application, iPad wallpaper or lock screen.

The copy and paste functionality of Photo Copy is intended to make it simple and easy to source images for presentations and documents being created on the iPad. Instead of only being able to select photos from your albums and camera roll, using Photo Copy gives you access to the large library of photos on Flickr, ensuring you find the perfect image to put that finishing touch on your work.



As each box is packed, Moving Van allows you to detail the contents, and assign each box with a unique name or number. When moving house, the room that the contents belong in can also be assigned. This speeds unloading and unpacking.

Unpacking after moving house can be a long, slow process. With Moving Van, if you need to find a specific item which is still not unpacked, you can simply search for that item and immediately identify the box it is in. Similarly, if you need to quickly remind yourself what is in each box, you can quickly view each box's content. This feature is equally important when putting boxes in long term storage, and can be useful for insurance purposes.

Moving Van also allows you to take photos of the items as you pack them.

This app will take at least some of the hassle of your next house move away.

Moving Van is available now on the iTunes store worldwide.


The way we think determines both how we feel and how we behave. The way we think about ourselves, other people and our place in the world has a direct influence on our emotional state and our behaviour. Consequently by changing the way we think we can positively influence our mood and how we respond to situations. This is the premise behind Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) which has become the most effective psychological treatment available for a range of emotional and behavioural problems including depression and anxiety.

A thought diary is designed to help people record the thoughts that cause emotional and psychological distress. By recording our unhelpful thoughts, we can learn to identify thinking errors (also known as ‘negative’, ‘automatic’ or ‘dysfunctional’ thoughts). It is a common tool used in CBT to assist individuals in identifying unhelpful thinking patterns, which will then provide the opportunity to challenge and change these thoughts and thereby reducing psychological distress.

This Thought Diary is designed to be the first step in changing our thoughts by helping individuals identify the trigger situations for their negative thoughts and the emotional and behavioural consequences of experiencing these negative thoughts. It was designed by an experienced clinical psychologist and CBT therapist who believed that these tools should be available in the most accessible form for individuals to use in today’s fast technological world. It can be used by people either in therapy as a useful adjunct to the treatment, and there is a feature that allows the Thought Diary to be emailed straight to their therapist. However, it can also be used by those individuals who are embarking on a self-guided course of CBT.

When the Thought Diary is emailed it takes the traditional format of a CBT thought record.

Thought Diary Pro allows the additional identification of thinking errors (also known as 'cognitive distortions'), and the the modification of our unhelpful thoughts into more productive ways of thinking. By challenging the thoughts and beliefs that cause discontentment, dissatisfaction and other emotional and behavioural distress, we can improve our mental health and can change the destructive or adverse behaviours we may engage in as a result of our negative thoughts.

Thought Diary Pro is designed to be the second step in changing our thinking patterns by helping individuals identify the thinking errors that they engage in, and thereby helping change these thoughts. The effect of modifying these thought can reduce the negative emotional and behavioural consequences of experiencing these negative thoughts.


Monitoring or tracking a person’s mood can be an important part of CBT and other psychological and psychiatric treatments. The Mood & Anxiety Diary is a useful way to track changes in mood and anxiety over time. It allows the user and / or therapist to see if there are any patterns in a person’s mood variations and levels of anxiety. The Mood & Anxiety Diary involves people recording their mood and levels of anxiety at regular intervals to help them to recognize the factors which may be impacting on their emotional state. These patterns or events that trigger changes in mood and anxiety can be explored and the appropriate treatments applied- cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and / or medication. In addition, the Mood & Anxiety Diary can track whether the treatment has been effective in helping stabilize and lift a person’s mood.

Low mood and anxiety are closely linked and often a person with low mood will experience increased anxiety, and a person with an anxiety problem may suffer from low mood. This is why we have designed the Mood & Anxiety Diary to track mood and anxiety together which will help users and professionals to see if there is an interaction between them. However, the application also allows the user to track either mood or anxiety individually which may be helpful if an individual is suffering from a mood disorder without features of anxiety, or an anxiety disorder without low mood.

photo copy

The Regulator

The Regulator delivers news and all updates published by the two leading regulatory agencies globally, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The app is designed for regulatory affairs professionals, as well as all healthcare & health-system workers who are impacted by, or have an interest in, global pharmaceutical developments.

Information is presented across three categories: EMA, EMA Committee Meeting Reports and FDA.

For the EMA, The Regulator provides all news and press releases relating to CHMP Opinions, European Commission (EC) Decisions, new and updated EPARs, Orphan Designation Decisions, Paediatric Investigation Plan (PIP) Opinions and Decisions, new and revised regulatory or scientific guidelines, public consultations, inspections and job vacancies within the agency. In addition, there is full access to all committee meeting reports for: Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP), Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (CVMP), Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products (COMP), Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products (HMPC), Paediatric Committee (PDCO) & Committee for Advanced Therapies (CAT).

For the FDA, The Regulator provides comprehensive information from all areas of the administration's responsibility, which broadly includes the safety and efficacy of human and veterinary medicinal products, devices, food and cosmetics. Examples of specific updates which The Regulator provides all news relating to drugs, vaccines, biologics, food and cosmetics, product recalls, MedWatch safety alerts and updates to consumer health information.

The concept of is simple: users select images from their iPhone and upload with a message & addressee. Their personalised postcard is then printed & delivered - anywhere in the world.

All postcards cost $1.99 USD (including postage), regardless of the international destination, and payment is secure through Paypal. Postcards are professionally printed and posted within 1 business day.

You'll never be restricted by the choice of commercial postcards again, caught without stamps or, worse still, stuck in the queue at the post office!

kit quiz: uk

Kit Quiz UK tests your knowledge of team football shirts, including the home, away, 3rd or goalkeeper's kit.

Name the team whose football shirt appears on the screen in one of three challenging game modes:

Friendly: Get some practice in with 3 lives and unlimited time.

Endurance: Aim for a high unbeaten streak with unlimited time, but only 1 life.

Blitz: Beat the whistle with only 60 seconds to get as many correct as you can.

Kit Quiz: UK also has high score tables. Show off your knowledge to your friends on Twitter, Facebook and beat the world with the global high score table.

woof woof

Woof! Woof! is a novelty application that plays the sounds of dogs of various sizes barking. This app is available for free from the iTunes store.

Imagine the surprised look on your friends, brothers or sisters faces when you generate the sound of a real dog's bark when they didn't even know you had a pet! Imagine the excitement that your dog will feel when it thinks it has a friend.

Woof! Woof! can also act as a deterrent whenever you feel that a dogs bark might be helpful. Plug your iPod or iPhone into your stereo for the greatest effect. Burglars and door-to-door salesmen beware!


First Serve helps tennis umpires keep the score in a tennis match. It frees the umpire up to concentrate on the game play and calls, rather than having to remember the score, or when to change ends. First Serve is perfect for inter-club fixtures. This app is available from the iTunes store.

First Serve remembers the score between application launches, so if you close First Serve you can resume the match from where you left off. First Serve also remembers who the server is, and tells you when to change ends.

With support for 1, 3 or 5 set matches, singles or doubles, and tie breakers you'll never get the score wrong again.

First Serve features a professional scoreboard to make umpiring your game a pleasure.

First Serve is super easy to use - it takes only 3 taps of the screen in the application to get started. You simply choose the type of game (singles, doubles), the number of sets to play, enter the players names (optional), and you're ready to play.

First Serve is based on the official 2009 tennis rules from the ITF.

Gifted TY

Gifted TY (Thank You) is an app to manage gifts you receive for life's special events.
Gifted TY lets you track events that you have received gifts for, who you received them from and also manages thank you lists, so you'll never forget to thank someone for their present again. Gifted TY is perfect for Engagements, Weddings, Birthdays, Bar Mitzvah's, House Warmings, Anniversaries...any event that you might be lucky enough to receive presents for!

Gifted TY supports tracking of vouchers and cash (in multiple currencies) received . You can also take photos of your gifts, and have them saved to the iPhone camera roll to export to your Mac or PC.

Reports can be generated in rich PDF format, CSV or text and emailed from your device. PDF reports include any photos of the gifts you have taken, for easy gift identification, as well as insurance purposes.

Activity Diary

An Activity Diary is an important component of CBT treatment for depression and other emotional disorders. This application allows users to:
- schedule activities as future events or input them as past events
- records of the nature of the activity undertaken & the duration of the activity
- users can rate level of Achievement & Enjoyment for each activity
- link the activities to the calendar to remind them of event, & reminders to complete the diary after the activity
- receive positive reinforcing statements following events
- email the completed diary to therapist
- view progress on a graph