web Applications


got the gist

Got the GiST is a SaaS based GST application tailored for the New Zealand market. The service is easy to use, fits the bill for GST calculation and is very affordable, even for the smallest business person. The application was initially developed over the the space of 2 months, and has been live since early June 2006. The site was developed in Ruby on Rails, and the design was created inhouse. GlimmerDesign are also providing the hosting for this website

trolley people

Trolley People is a bespoke trolley manufacturing company based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Trolley People were looking for an easy to use, maintainable system that they could use to demonstrate the trolleys they have designed and manufactured. The Trolley People site was implemented with the Radiant CMS, using an inhouse designed interface, and an external graphic designers for the logo. GlimmerDesign are also providing the hosting for this website


SendIt4.me is an online postcard printing service. Users upload their own images, crop them, supply a message, delivery address and the postcards get delivered direct from our printing service to the end user. SendIt4.me is also available as a Facebook application that supports users uploaded photos from their Facebook albums. This application is owned and operated by GlimmerDesign. If you are interested in buying this application let us know here.


Glitterati creates dynamic and distinctive pieces of silver, platinum, gold and palladium jewellery.  They possess an exciting and strikingly original range of pieces exploring sculptural forms, swirling lines and dramatic shapes.

A website to match was essential.