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Glimmer Design is a software development and consulting company.


Glimmer Design specializes in iPhone, iPad and mobile application development, usually released under the sub-brand of happtic

We are experienced in bespoke application development and utilization of all the functionality the iPhone and iPad devices allow.  We can provide the expertise to help develop the most suitable app for you.

Examples of the numerous apps we have developed can be viewed on the applications page.


Glimmer Design started out as a company specializing in providing easy to use and efficient services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

At the core of all we do is the fundamental concept that IT is a business, and lifestyle, enabler.

Our business-targeted applications must add value, not workload. Tools necessary for the day-to-day running of a business, such as accounting services, should be within the reach of anyone who can access the internet.

With this in mind, Glimmer Design strives to develop simple, easy-to-use and accessible services that meet the requirements to assist the running of the majority of businesses. Additionally, most of our applications are designed so that people with minimal IT knowledge can maintain them independently.

Through the production of such web based applications, there is no requirement to install or maintain software to use Glimmer Design’s products, meaning owners and operators of SMEs can concentrate more time and money on their core business, rather than supporting their computer systems. 

Glimmer Design continues to provide consulting and bespoke application development services. Examples of our work can be found on the mobile and web applications page.


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